5 Ways to Make Money Online

By Entrepreneurial Mindset

money onlineHave you heard of people making money online and thought yes but…. (Yes but he just got lucky. Yes but she was in the right place in the right time. Yes but that wouldn’t work for me)? Sometimes we feel this way because we only know of a few stories and they seem so rare. Sometimes it’s because it is so far from our own reality that we believe it can’t possibly be true. It may because we are afraid of seeming foolish if we fail so we will avoid public scrutiny.

The truth of the matter is that more and more people are making real sums of money with online businesses. There are different models that are all working in various niches. Here are five different types of online businesses and a few examples of each.

  1. The content DJ. This person does not create original content but shares the content of others. This can be in the form of reviews, paraphrasing and interpreting. Some examples are;
    1. Evin Tube HD – As of this writing, this nine year old boy has more followers than Madonna and Jay-Z. He does reviews of of toys and makes enough money to be considered wealthy from his own income.
    2. BlackNerdComedy – He does movie reviews focusing on movies that fellow geeks would love.
    3. WineLibrary.TV – This site was devoted to do wine reviews. Gary Vee has since moved on to Starting and running Vayner Media (a media consulting firm).
  2. Sell Products – You can sell products that others make or you can sell your own creations.
    1. http://www.evine.com – Selling women’s fashion, electronics, home decor and more!
    2. RedAnts Pants – Selling work pants for shapely women.
    3. BeardBrand – Products for men who want to grow and keep a long beard.
  3. Info-preneur
    1. Jeff Walker – Information on how to create a product launch.
    2. 48 Days – Information on finding work that you love.
    3. Jeff Usner – Internet Millionaire Blue Print.
  4. Entertain – You can entertain with your talent or ability to film video that appeals to a specific group.
    1. Only1Noah- He does covers of popular songs with his own unique twist.
    2. EdBassmaster – He does comedy videos.
    3. Key of Awesome – Does parodies of various vocal artists.
  5. Consulting/Coaching/Speaking –
    1. Michael Hyatt – Creating your personal brand.
    2. Chris Guillebeau – The Art of Nonconformity,
    3. Chris Ducker – Online Entrepreneurship.

This list shows how different people approach online entrepreneurship. Each approach is inline with the strength and interests of the entrepreneur. The other part is that they found the right audience to connect with. What are your strengths? Who is your audience? What would you like to accomplish? Find out what you would like to start and take action! Believe that it can happen for you and continue to move forward!

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