Awareness-Your Internal Story

All of us have an internal story we constantly play in our mind, which defines what we believe to be true about our self. This internal story may be saying ‘ I am no good, not educated enough, not thin enough, or not disciplined enough’ to be successful. This is the story that lets you off the hook from achieving the success you wish you could have. This story is probably the result of a past memory which you have held on to, which continues to define you.

It is possible to have some aspect of this internal story which is positive and another aspect which is negative. Some people’s internal story may even say, ‘I am destined for greatness or I am good enough.’ Since your internal story can be positive or negative the question to ask yourself is, ‘is my internal story serving me?’ ‘Am I allowing a past memory which is outdated and no longer an accurate assessment of who I am as a person, continue to define who I am in this present moment?’

Become aware of your inner story. Update your inner story. Choose an inner story which defines who you are in this present and who you are becoming. Choose a story that paints you in a positive light and let that renewed self image show you who you are truly capable of becoming.


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