Be Willing to Walk Away!

Walking away from the familiar is scary for everyone. We get comfortable in the familiar even if that familiar situation or relationship is not healthy.These situations can be relationships, family, or work environments. What is the gauge? Ask yourself, is this situation building me up or tearing me down? Do not settle for that relationship or regular interaction which drains you of energy and beats you down. There is no shame in loving yourself more than that.

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Some situations are not so much destructive but very overpowering. There are family members and friend who take over another individual. If you give these people free rein, their direction in life will become your direction. If you do not recognize this dynamic, you might wake up to the reality that you wasted you life living up to other people’s opinions of you. Although this situation might not be as destructive, this is still an unhealthy dynamic.

Free yourself from these situations that may be holding you back. Become a seeker and find a purpose that speaks to your soul. If you fill your mind with a positive message while you are seeking, that positivity will act like a compass moving you toward your personal path. Keep in mind that in order to find your personal path in life, sometimes you have to be willing to walk away!