Being Humble Your Path to Personal Mastery

humilityI remember a conversation I had with a coworker once about the definition of Humility. He was surprised when he heard me talk about my desire to be humble in a positive manner. In his mind if I am being humble I am thinking little of myself. It was seen by him as a form of self disrespect.

I have also seen in organized Christian circles where people talk about being humble because the Bible calls us to be humble. It says that those who elevate themselves will be humbled and those who humble themselves will be elevated. But why is this the case? I wondered about this on many occasions. Having lived as an adult for quite a few years now I have had the opportunity to see this social dynamic played out in the lives of others many times.

I believe this describes a universal truth of human dynamics which is timeless in nature. The truth is, if you have the humility to press on toward growth, knowledge and wisdom, you will awaken in the future to find yourself living in mastery of something. This advice of being humble is advice on how to live in line with that timeless human dynamic and not work against it. It is advice in how to succeed within the natural human laws written by the Author of Life. Living in humility is living with gratitude for what you have at your disposal. Living in that gratitude allows you to cherish it and not squander what you have inherited however little that may be. The truth of it is, if you have inherited nothing you have still inherited the greatest gift of all, the Gift of Life. Seeing it as such will better put you on your path toward Personal Mastery. Live life with humility so that you will not feel entitled but see your life for the gift that it is. Live life with humility so that you heart will always remain open enough to always learn more. Live life with humility so that you will have compassion for your fellow man. Live life with humility and the life you live will yield a bounty of fruit.

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