Beware of Your Self Talk

Self talk, we all do it. Whether you know it or not you have this inner dialog or message running in your mind. It reinforces what you believe to be true about yourself. Some people go to a job interview and as they wait their self talk says, ‘they wont hire me.’

Thinking of you

Is this you? Is your self talk working for you or against you? Are you in your own corner or are you fighting against yourself? Take note of that inner dialog. Stop that negative self talk!

Here is the good news. You an choose self talk that builds you up. You can choose self talk that empowers you.  I have had instances where I faced a challenge and caught the voice of self doubt trying to let me know why I would fail. I learned to change that message and use it to empower my cause. Get back in your own corner. Entertain thoughts that are empowering to you. Believe in yourself. It make all the difference in the world.

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