Why Blogging Income Should Not be a Reality


The Super Stars of Online Business

Does it make sense to you that someone with a laptop can share ideas and as a result of that, income flows in from around the world? Doesn’t it sound too good to be true? I have been following some well known infopreneurs for quite some time. People like Yanik Silver, Gary Vaynerchuk, Michael Hyatt, Dan Miller and Marie Forleo. I remember reading about a new milestone reached in online business by John Reese who made a million dollars in one day. In case you haven’t heard of these names before, these are the some of the super stars of the online business industry. Gary Vaynerchuk who started as a wine video blogger is now a consultant for fortune 500 companies through his company Veynermedia.


Is This real?

Even with knowing something about these people, I know the tendency that you probably feel. Doubt. Questions come up. This isn’t real, is it? I mean this may have happened to them but they got lucky right? They came in at the right time. Not everyone can do this. I mean, we don’t even know if what they say in those blogs and videos is true, right? I know that sensational things happen to some people in life but I am just not one of those people who lives in fantasy. I have a real job with real responsibilities. I know all of those thoughts. I had them myself. In the back of my mind online income for a regular person like me should not be a reality. Don’t you think so?


Normal People Succeeding at This ?

I continued to look. I found out about people who are making normal incomes in smaller online businesses. I came in contact with bakers, art teachers, soccer coaches, and product reviewers who are all making what we would consider a good upper middle class income. These people are great in their own way. They share their passion, knowledge and solutions to problems that other people have. They show that success in not due to a lucky roll of the dice. There is a formula that works. The formula does change with time. New things are uncovered by those that continue to evolve but their is still a formula that works. This formula can be learned and duplicated. Why do we think that blogging income is not a reality? It’s because we don’t believe that it’s possible. It’s too good to be true. But, guess what? It is true. More and more people are learning the new rules of this online business world. What will you do? Will you wait and see or will you lean in and become a part of this new possibility? Leave a comment or share some of your thoughts around this.

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