But my choice really doesn’t make a difference.

james_cathcart_boneyardsGrowing up in a poor section of Brooklyn in the 70’s and 80’s I was surrounded by people who shared a certain mindset. I wasn’t aware of it then but looking back I can see it now very clearly. The people around me did not believe in the power to choose a new set of circumstances. They did not believe in their own ability to move beyond their present reality into a different reality. If a dreamer mentioned some great new path that they were going to take, those around would look at him with a smirk designed to cause self doubt.

Fortunately for me I embarked on a path that took me to the Military where I traveled throughout Europe, made friends from all over the US and as a result learned to increase my vision for what was possible for me. The spark that uncovered this Great New World that I discovered was my ability to choose. I made a handful of choices which were, at the time so difficult for me because they placed me well outside of my comfort zone. These were choices which would take me into the world of the unknown. A scary place indeed.

In this great unknown, I learned so much. I learned that most of my limitations were just, Imagined. I learned that to be removed from the environment which gives you your identity is often necessary to be naked enough for a more authentic identity to be forged. I learned that I built into the very DNA of my fiber (as is the same with you) is a God given ability to learn, adapt and re-emerge transformed by the new experiences of life.

Most of all I learned that I have the power of choice, the power to venture out into the unknown. I learned that exercising my power to choose my own path really does make a difference.

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