Connect on a Very Real and Meaningful Level

By Connect


In our day to day interactions with one another we can connect on a surface level or we can be genuine in how we connect. Unfortunately, we are often distracted, busy or uncomfortable to connect on a real level. It happens in all areas of human interaction including marriages. It is a sad but many marriages go on without any meaningful connection or conversation for years.


Five tips to connect on a more meaningful way;
• Look people in they eye.
• Ask for and listen to their story. Do not make it about your agenda.
• Find some common points of interest and build on that.
• Be a gift to other people by providing what they need, a smile, understanding, encouragement. etc….
• Do not take disagreements personally.

People who have had full and rich lives always have deep meaningful connections with others that have made their journey worthwhile. Meaningful human connection is why we are on this planet. When we connect on this deeper level, it elevates the quality of the human experience. Instead of being passive about this way of being, be the initiator, start the dialog. Be the one who makes the effort to Connect on a Very Real and Meaningful Level.

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