Does Life Feel Like a Treadmill?

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Does it ever feel like you have every moment in your life is accounted for? Is every second already accounted for from the moment you get up to the moment you get to bed. More and more people find themselves living this way. Living in the Treadmill of Life keeps you making the same mistakes over and over again, and it makes it difficult to enjoy the gift that life truly is.

If you live this way, you might congratulate yourself for everything you got done today. It does feel good to be productive. The key is for you to balance that with down time as a regular routine. Do you have regular routines that allow for that down time?

If not, start the habit of giving yourself that downtime as a normal part of your week. You will enjoy life more, have more joy to share with the people that you love. and be more effective when you return to your work. Always remember that you do not have to continue that same old pattern that seems to beat you down. Step off the treadmill, look for the beauty around you and reset the stress level back to zero. Sometimes by doing less you can accomplish more, love more, live more and enjoy the journey called life.

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