Eliminate Toxic Relationships

One of the most common ways that you are being kept from progressing in your life is through the relationships in your life that are toxic. These relationships will have a high cost in terms of preventing you from achieving success. They are draining, do not support progress and create anger and frustration. You have a responsibility to your own health and well being to protect yourself from the influence of these types of relationships.

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Keep in mind that some toxic relationships are obviously toxic, but other relationships can be a negative force in your life in a very subtle way. If you share your dream with a person you love who has a negative world view, they might be stealing your dream away from you just by sharing their pessimistic world view if they have influence over you.

Stop participating in relationships that beat you down. If you find yourself in this type of relationship;

1) Walk away form the relationship. If this is a friend, find a new friend.

2) If it is an important relationship, redefine it. Explain the ground rules. Let them know that from now on, you will only participate in relationships that build you up.

3) Continue the relationship on a very surface level. Do not share the important things that you are moving toward, this way they cannot comment on what you are doing.

Keep in mind that not everyone wants you to succeed. Often times people feel powerful if they can cause you to doubt yourself. Don’t give them the pleasure. In my own life I have had to end friendships that weren’t serving me. I have had to stop sharing my dreams with people who have a negative world view to ensure that I stay on-course.  Take the time to identify these relationships and protect yourself. Take control, eliminate the toxic relationships and move closer to a better life.

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