Event vs Process

There are two different ways you can win in life. Two different ways you can be perceived as a success by yourself and your friends. These two can be categorized as an Event or a Process.

An Event would be winning the lottery, an ‘over night success’ in music or sports, a gift or a job that somebody ‘gave’ to you which changes your life for the better. For some the end result of robbing a bank and the expected payoff would also describe success that comes about as the result of the one time event. In all these cases, something happened outside of the person which is a perceived instant big payoff or big win. Society is mistakenly being sold on the idea of the Event as the path to success. The Event is dramatic, instant, life changing and easier to sell as a story. The media sells the Event not because it is descriptive of true lasting success, but because it sells. People love the Idea of Event driven success because in order to get it we do not have to invest a lot of time, we do not have to transform our self.

Process is the way true and lasting success is achieved. The reality is that it takes on average 10,000 hours of practice to create an overnight success. This is not an event, this is the result of Process. Process is transformative, has more staying power and is a better measure of true lasting success. Process is also boring for the observer which is why it doesn’t sell well, but process is the path. When describing the overnight sports success, rarely does the media describe the daily hours of practice for 6+ years that lead to the opportunity to try out in the first place. One other thing worth mentioning is that the success story we hear about demanded years of process without any type of guarantee of a win. People like this do it for the love of the game. What is your process? Where are you in the arena, doing it for the love of the game? This is where your greatest chance for success lies.

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