Heal Yourself

Do you have emotional scars?

I hope this is not the case but maybe you have gone through some deep emotional pain in your life. You might have been raised in a violent, or abusive home. Or you could have grown up in a home full of apathy, no hope or communication. Or you could be a woman suffering the pain of an abusive marriage. If you have suffered anything like these examples you have to know that you have to heal the wounds of that past. If you don’t you might continue to be defined by your past.

The thing to remember is that those things may have happened to you but they are not you. They may have happened to you but they don’t own you. They do not define you and do not have to be your limitation.

One very important secret of life that I have come to rely on is that at any moment in time, I can reinvent myself. I can re-invent myself today, two months from now, next year or five years from now. I like what Tony Robbins says about change. He says that change happens in an instant. What takes years is is deciding to change, our procrastination or fear of change. When we finally decide to change, it happens in a moment in time. Have relied on what the Bible says about change. In Proverbs the Bible says that man chooses his path but God chooses his steps. Meaning, just pick your path and surrender to how you will get there. Sometimes we make the mistake of needing everything planned out before we decide to move.

Men especially need to heal

I say men especially because in modern society it is usually thought of as a feminine trait to ask for or need help. There is this thought among us men that we do not need to heal from the things we went through as children. We normally feel silly bringing those things up. Maybe we are afraid that if we bring those things back up, we will become weak again. We think it’s silly to talk about it because, I’m a 200 pound grown ass man.  There are currently a lot of lives being wasted because men refuse to heal. There are men who abuse women because they were beaten when they were small. There are men who were ignored as boys so now they need to be loud and be the center of attention in an obnoxious way. The reason to heal is not to cry and feel vulnerable. The reason to heal is because life is short and if you heal your broken past, your past will no longer own you.

Move toward healing

If you have pain in your life that has continued to define you, continued to follow you and affect you, decide to heal. Do not accept it as normal. Choose a path that leads toward healing and peace. You will have more freedom to live a GoodLife!

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