How Do You Change Your Life?

The first time that I had a feeling that my life was really going to change, I was moving toward a decision that I was really afraid of. I was afraid because I did not know the outcome – fear of the unknown. I was afraid because if I failed everyone would know – fear of being exposed. I was afraid because I thought, ‘what if I don’t like it’ – fear of being uncomfortable. What was that decision? I Joined the military for six years.


Guess what? It was movement into the unknown, but in that space I learned to trust in my ability to learn. It was uncomfortable but I learned to find peace in the discomfort. It was not easy but it was the best gift I have ever given to myself. Why? Because I learned that I was stronger and more resilient  than I had given myself credit for at the time. I now believe that one of the most common crimes in society, are the result of believing that we are less than what we truly are. That we are incapable of seeing the greatness that lies within us. This inner greatness I believe is a gift that God has given to us all in one form or another. It is how we are made.

How do you change your life? Step out of your comfort zone. Personal greatness is not found above the safety net. Move toward something positive in your life that puts a little twitch of fear in your heart. Trust me, you can do it. It’s what you were made to do!