How Much Do You Believe?

4. Four minutesThe 4 Minute mile;
Before 1954 it was thought that it was impossible for a man to run one mile in under 4 minutes. It was believed that it was physically impossible for the human body to do that. On May 6th 1964, an Englishman by the name of Roger Bannister broke that 4 minute record. On that day, he was the 1st and only person to have accomplished that. Barely a year after he did it someone else also ran the mile in under 4 minutes. Since then quite a number of people have run a 4-minute mile. Now, it is not unheard of for strong high school runners to run a 4-minute mile.

What happened? Did people all of a sudden become better runners? What happened was a change in belief. There was a change in what is believed to be possible. When people believe that something is impossible, they don’t set it as a goal for themselves. They do not work to achieve it. Why would they? When Roger Bannister showed that running a 4-minute mile was possible, other runners set it as a personal goal to go after. This is how your life is.

So much of what you achieve or do not achieve is tied to your own level of belief. It is tied to whether you believe it to be realistic for you, whether you are worthy of it, whether you have the right amount of talent or connections. There are people who have achieved much with little talent and ability because they had a great level of belief. The talent, ability, connections and opportunities came later as a result of the perseverance. The perseverance came as a result of their level of belief. Do you want to change or improve an area of your life? Raise your level of belief in what is possible for you and go after it.

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