It Can Take Years to Become an Overnight Success!

By Grow
Don't Stop Believing

One of my favorite bands is Journey. I still remember walking into the electronics section in Wal-Mart in 2007 and wondering who this Asian man singing Don’t Stop Believing by Journey, is. I was amazed to find out this Filipino man Arnel Pineda, was the new lead singer of Journey. He sounded amazing so I purchased the CD/DVD set. I was more amazed when I later learned the story of how he came to be the lead singer of Journey.

He grew up in poverty and when he was 13, his mother died. His father was only able to care for his younger siblings so at the age of 13, he was living on the streets in the Philippines with other homeless children. He learned to sing on the streets just to get something to eat. As he got older, he started singing as part of a band doing covers of classic American Rock Bands. His videos were on YouTube as the members of Journey came across him looking for someone who could fill in as Journey’s new front man. They flew Arnel to California for an audition and the rest is history. This story is told in the movie ‘Don’t Stop Believing ; Every mans Journey’, which is definitely worth the watch especially for you Classic Rock fans.

The main thought that I wanted to leave you with? Success is about process. Success is not about just wanting the end result. Success comes when you are fully invested in the Journey as well. In the movie Arnel gets the point across that loved the songs that he sang. He said that he thought Steve Perry had one of the most beautiful voices he had ever heard. He didn’t do it so that he could become rich and famous, he did it because he loved what he was doing. Don’t go through life chasing the fruit, the evidence of success. Give up your heart to a worthy cause and enjoy the process of growth that comes along the way. As an added bonus, after a few years of doing what you love, you too might become an overnight success.

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