Lean In and Feel Worthy Enough to Sit at the Table

By Heal

lean-in-sheryl-sandbergI like the saying to ‘sit at the table.’ It is a metaphor for a sense of belonging, to have your input be of value. In the book Lean in, Sheryl Sandberg describes an instance where a female executive took a seat along the edge of the room instead of taking a seated at the table with the other executives who were mostly men. She had to be invited by the others.

I believe that feeling worthy, having a high sense of value is an illusive component of success. We focus on other traits that can be measured such as test scores and credentials. Obtaining those things can increase our sense of self worth which then makes us feel entitled to sit at the table.

Every once in a while you read about someone who didn’t finish college and started a large successful company. Those people already feel worthy enough to sit at the table. That is precisely why they had the courage to follow their ideas and make them come to fruition. Feeling worthy to sit at the table is one of the greatest under-recognized gifts of having a privileged background. I know because I, like the woman Sheryl Sandburg’s book had to grow to feel worthy with time.

So what’s the bottom line? There is no one like you. You are unique, and there will never be another person just like you. You bring with you a unique perspective. Your ideas are worthy of consideration. Sit at the table, bring everything that makes you unique, make a contribution, you are worthy!

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