Practice Stillness to Recieve Clarity

starI had heard of the practice of stillness long before I became familiar with doing it myself. I really didn’t understand what that would look like in practice and what the benefit would be. Frankly, it seemed kind of odd to me.

My first experience really feeling a clam stillness was crossing the Mediterranean Ocean at night while I was in the Navy. I went to the top deck alone and after my eyes adjusting to the total darkness, I was able to see more lovely stars than I had ever seen in my life. I was immersed in the dark calm beauty of the moment. There was no past and no future. All there was, was this lovely peaceful moment. I have spent many days cultivating stillness to feel that sense of calm and clarity again.

When I stepped out of the stillness, I realized how much of my time is spent in anticipation of the future, thinking about something I have to do or in the past reliving a regret or trying to remember something. In addition to this, I realize that so much of what I give attention to is not necessary and is usually nothing more than a distraction.

Practicing stillness has allowed me to
• Remove/decrease stress.
• Allow the perspective needed for clarity in making decisions.
• Helped in reconnecting to what is important for me.
• Allowed me to notice the distractions in my life.
• Allowed me to separate myself from the worry, fear and anxiety that enters from time to time.
• Most importantly allowed me to reconnect on a deeper level with the people I love because I am calm enough to be present with them.

Feed your soul, be more present, embrace the practice of stillness.

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