Prayer Changes You

prayer-warriorOne of the main reasons why we stay stuck in life is because we believe we know the answer or we behave as if we know the answer. Doing so keeps us making the same mistakes over and over gain. You have the same types of relationships with people you dislike or move from one job you hate to another job that you hate. This is the cycle of doing the same things over and over that are not working in your life.

Prayer changes things because initially it is you admitting that you don’t know. It is you surrendering enough to say that you do not have the answer and you need help. Not only do you need help but more importantly, you are open to it and the act of being open to it does not diminish your value as a person. This is the point that your heart truly becomes open to receive. True wisdom is larger than any one of us because it is timeless. When you open your heart to receive, you allow yourself to tap into that wisdom. Prayer is the act of opening your heart to God, the source of this timeless wisdom. In doing so you will come to this new awareness that you are different, you have been changed by a gift that has lifted you out of your storm.