Provide value to society


Scarcity vs Success mentality

In seeing from first hand experience, I found one major difference between scarcity mentality (which leads to poverty) and success mentality. Poverty mentality speaks in terms of getting something. This might sound a few different ways such as ; the job I get, the job they give me, find a job or see if they hire me. If you notice, the control is outside of the person that’s why this perspective says ‘hopefully they will give me a job.’

Success speaks in terms of becoming. This sounds much different. From this point of view people say things such as become great at, learn how to, develop a skill in, provide a service in, specialize in, etc… This shows that the person is changing or growing in a certain area and as a result of that change, you are of more value to society. This frame of reference believes that success lies within me as a result of what I do and in the ways I grow as a result.

What is special about you?

What makes you different? What value do you bring to society? Another way of saying this is what does society find valuable that you are able to provide? How can you bring that with passion or in someway better than the person standing next to you? People that are successful know the answer to this. If they do not know the answer to this, they are on a mission to uncover the answers to these questions.


Become an expert

People live on average for more that 70 years. Isn’t it possible that within that time, you could become an expert at something of value? With all of that time, you could realistically become an expert at two or three things and possibly many things. You might be an Accountant who has a unique friendly personality and enjoys teaching. The customers you get will come to you because of your energy and your ability to teach as well as perform your Accounting services. This would be an example of putting a personal touch that creates loyalty and value to society in your special way.


You don’t have to like it

Ideally you should like whatever it is that you do but do not make liking it a priority to getting started. I have been in the military, own rental property, been a blue collar worker and an executive as well. Prior to doing each of those things, I had no idea if I would like it or not but with each of those things, I grew in many ways. After having done those things, I was better able to understand what it is that I do like to do. If I needed to be sure that I liked it before I got started, I would still be waiting to start and still not know what I like to do. It is only when you are in the game that you come to see what position you are really good at. Do not be afraid to do something you do not like to do because  as long as you  you learn something from it, it was not a waste. I have known many scarcity minded people who sit and do nothing because anything that comes to mind has qualities that they don’t like. I wonder if there were ever any cavemen who starved to death because they didn’t like hunting. If you make providing value to  others the goal, you will always have a place of security from which to grow from.

Embrace the servant heart

What is the main difference between a person who make 100 million a year and another who makes 40 thousand a year? The main difference is usually the number of people they serve or the degree of their influence or service. In the Bible, Jesus had a reoccurring theme of being a servant to others in need. This basic concept of serve the need of others is a key and fundamental concept of success. Use it and it will serve you well.



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