Routines-the Workhorse Behind Success

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All of us have areas in our life in which we are doing a good job in managing or in creating success and progress. We also have areas where we could use some help and guidance. In your life, what are the differences between the areas that you excel in and the areas that need improvement? Chances are, you will find that there is a big difference between the two areas in having clearly established routines.

If you could snap your fingers, how would you improve your life? What would improve? Would it be your finances?” your relationships? Your spiritual life? Whatever that is for you, you may find that the way you handle that area of your life is inconsistent, unclear or vulnerable to the ‘noise’ and distraction of everyday life. I have found out that that is certainly the case in my own life.

Some quick tips for improving those areas;

  • Identify what that area is.
  • Limit this focus to one or two areas at first so that you do not become overwhelmed.
  • Remain calm and peaceful as you give this area attention.
  • Seek-wisdom, understanding, conversation, read books on the topic, ask in prayer.
  • As you gather all of this, create a new regular routine that provides positive attention that feeds your growth in this area.

Always remember that small consistent routines have more power than large abrupt changes that are not sustainable. Embrace the heart of a seekerĀ as you move forward. Give yourself permission to fail as you continue to move forward. Just remember to stand back up and be consistent and deliberate in working those new routines designed to help you move ahead. Before you know it, you will have the satisfaction that comes with having made real and lasting progress in your life.

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