Sell the Feeling of the Solution

I have been coming across an idea on selling from many different experts in the field of selling and marketing. It seems simple once you hear about it but for some reason, small business owners often forget to apply it. Small business owners forget to sell the solution but if you stop and think, you will notice that this is how the big successful brands sell to us daily.

It works for the big companies

Look at your favorite commercials for high ticket items. If you watch car commercials for example, they are selling a feeling. They are not selling features. Car commercials no longer focus on features as their main selling point. Even when truck commercials mention horsepower and towing capacity, the story they are telling is one of confidence and lifestyle.

What emotional need do you solve for?

As a small business owner, what is your story? What is the solution that you offer? What qualities of are going to cause your customers to want to align with your brand? What solution do you offer? What emotional need does your solution solve for? Tell this story and sell that. Brands that do this well can demand a higher price for the same or similar products.

Sell the feeling you get with the solution

Being able to do this well requires that you are clear about the value you bring to others. You have become clear about the emotion around solution you bring to the table. So, what do you bring to others in a unique way? Is it trust? Is it clarity? Maybe you bring a solution to a common problem that brings about confidence and a sense of peace. Don’t sell the features, sell the feeling.

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