Stop the Noise!

Growing up in Brooklyn New York, I was surrounded by crowds, bright lights, super sized billboards and a never ending stream of sound and and movement. I didn’t realize it then but that ‘noise’ kept me in an outward focused life. It kept me focused on the next new sight and sound lurking just around the corner.

New York New York

Living that way is fun, especially as a young adult. The down side is that it is difficult for clarity of thought to live there. It is more difficult for peace of mind and of heart to live there. You get caught in it until you are swept by the hurried pace and you no longer see a different way of being.

I love New York! The sights, the sound the culture and music! But I learned that my spirit would pay a high price for a lifetime immersed in a hurried pace. I left New York and moved to a small suburban town in the outskirts of Charlottesville VA. My soul thanks me for the nurturing pace of life I have come to know. I have learned to be still. I have learned to Stop the Noise. In the quiet, I was able to come face to face with myself and learn who I really am. In the stillness I have been able to see the joys of living more clearly. In the stillness I see what a gift my life truly is. I believe I have learned what Psalm 46:10 means, “Be still, and know that I am God.” I ask you to live a fuller life by stopping the noise. Stop the noise and be still!


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