Succeeding in Online Business is a Process

Process vs One Time Event

I have to share the idea of the process of success compared to the one time event because it seems that all around us the one time event is what gets talked about. We hear about the lottery winners, the first round draft pics in professional sports and that hot, new actress. All of these are emphasizing the event of success.

In many cases, there is another story that doesn’t get talked about. This is the story of process. This is the process of getting up at 5AM and running drills to improve a time to make it to a first round pic in the first place. There is the desire to want to succeed that gets fed daily by maintaining a routine.

Success is created in the routines that we maintain over time. Yes, sometimes people win the lottery, but that cannot be recreated at will. Success can be duplicated by learning and becoming that which leads to a successful outcome. This type of success can be maintained and expanded over time. Online business can be learned, created, re-created and expanded over time.



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  • scott

    I beleive that what others consider luck is actually doing the right things or working towards that goal is the reason most are successful. Doing is what makes you appear lucky its not fate!

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