Success starts with creating margin in your life

To end up in a new and better place in your life you have to leave some extra time in your week to reflect, to embrace the ideas of the people living in a different way and to learn a new way of being. Have you made it in life, but feel trapped by all the things you have to do now? Many people feel like that in American society and abroad. What do we do about it? How do we change our life once we realize that we have become reactive participants in our own life?

Ensure that you leave a slice of time on a regular basis for personal development. The personal development must be geared toward the taking in of ideas that will lead to the results you wish to see in your own life. Become an active participant in your life and take control of the helm so that you may be better able to steer your life in the direction that leads to the results you wish to see. Without margin you are unable to do that because you live a more reactive life in response to all the outside demands for your time. Remember to slow things down, carve our a slice of time for yourself on a regular basis. Use that time to analyze the results you are producing in all areas of your life, gain clarity about where you would like to be, and come up with a plan to get there. Not doing this is the number one reason why people fail in the game of life. Success is possible for you, find margin, seek clarity and direction, move toward that new direction. Win in the game of life.


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