The Benefit of Being Prolific: Ideas from the book Originals.

By Thrive

Originals, How Non-Conformists Move The World, by Adam GrantHow do they do it?

Have you ever wondered what gives the Einsteins, Picassos and Shakespheres of the world all this insight, and creativity? How can any one person give birth to so many original works that become timeless. Do they have something in common with one another that might hold the key?

It turns out that they are similar in one very important way. These renowned masters in their field have all created a staggering body of work. The interesting thing is that in addition to all this highly regarded work, they  have all created work which is considered by the experts in each field to be not up to par with the quality of their familiar works.

It turns out that in order to create those masterpieces, you have to create a large body of work. A very large pool of original work contains a greater amount of variation. This variation allows for recombination and rearranging of ideas. By the very nature of the process of experimentation, this variation contains a substantial amount of ‘failed attempts.’ It turns out that the failed attempts are a fundamental path toward the goal of originality and mastery.

What holds most of us back from creating masterful works of originality?

Many of us want to maximize our efforts. We would rather work very hard on 5 ideas that we want make sure will succeed rather than invest the time on 100 ideas that will result in 98 flops. In contrast, these masters are better at creating a large volume of work and at failing along the way. Want to start on your own journey toward your personal, original, masterful works? Become prolific in your creation, create a large body of work with variation. Who knows, you just might uncover the path to your own personal legacy.

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