The Reason to Not Sin


Sin is a word that carries a great deal of baggage in the eyes of many. It comes loaded with emotions and labels such as guilt, self righteousness, judgement, religious fanatics and small mindedness.

Sin is a word given to behavior that you are drawn to that is self destructive. We are all drawn to Sin in one form or another. In the short run, Sin brings about pleasure, instant gratification or a sense of superiority. In the long run, Sin brings about, obsessive behaviors which cause damage to yourself. Sin causes you to not be able to rest, Sin causes you to fear being found out, Sin destroys what you have built, Sin gives birth to anger or violence, Sin can bring fourth the pain of betrayal. Sometimes Sin comes without regret and in those cases it is born from a disconnected mind which is not emotionally available.

In each case Sin is not about judging others, this is a misuse of the word Sin. Sin is about uncovering the ways in which you are destroying your own life so that you can wake up to that truth. Sin lowers the possibility for you to reach for your own inner greatness. Sin takes away balance in your life. Sin takes away your clarity and makes it difficult for you to have a profound Vision.

Running from Sin causes you to move toward Balance. It is in living a Balanced life that you can live more. It is in living a Balanced life that you can love and be loved more deeply. It is in living a Balanced life that you can more easily find your inner gifts. It is in living a Balanced life that you can become a gift to the life of another.

The motivation to not Sin should not be the elimination of being judged by others. The reason to not Sin is so that you can treat yourself and others around you with the insight and understanding of  what a beautiful and precious thing a human life really is.

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