Two Kinds of Knowledge

knowledge-and-wisdom-quoteIn our modern society intelligence is considered a status symbol. Parents brag about their child’s SAT scores, the schools that they made it into for example. I have come to understand that there are truly two kinds of knowledge. One is Intellectual Knowledge and the other is Knowledge of the Heart or Wisdom.

Intellectual Knowledge (can includes artistic, musical and athletic talent) is very valuable, especially in any modern society. This allows you to perform a specific kind of work. We use this to navigate the modern world, gain employment, fit in in social settings and win at something. the mistake we come across is when we believe that this is the only kind of knowledge or ability that we need.

A different kind of knowledge which is something we tend to stress less is Knowledge of the Heart and Soul, otherwise known as Wisdom. We think that we are logical beings but so many of the choices we make are emotional. Choices are influenced by fear, our outlook in life, our upbringing, regret and impression we have of the world. Wisdom allows you to have self awareness. It allows you to know how to connect with others in meaningful ways. It also gives you the ability to see another perspective and empathize instead of having an only self centered point of view. Success requires the Intellectual knowledge (or talent) and success that has longevity, also includes Wisdom. I was personally surprised to see how much of God word is a discussion on the Wisdom that protects us and sustains us. Yes, go to school, get the certification, learn a trade, develop your talents but always remember to seek Wisdom!

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