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Conflicting Thoughts Around Running Facebook Ads?

I remember looking around for a simple answer to generate income with the use of Facebook ads and in my search, I found that there are a lot of people saying different things. I also found that there is also a lot of information on the mechanics of doing something without sharing the why or the psychology behind the doing of it. In other words, showing the how something is done without the decision-making process behind it.  For me, what comes to mind is when I started I had questions like, what does a good Facebook ad look like? Should it be plain or should it have cool graphics? Should I spend a lot of time learning how to make an ad myself or should I hire someone? And how much should it cost? When someone clicks on my ad, where should it take them? These are the type of questions that cause you to feel stuck in taking the next step if you don’t have clear answers. On the other hand, I find that if you know the answers to these questions, you will be confident in the correct use of Facebook ads. When you know what to do and why you do it, I think you will be better prepared to benefit from advertising on Facebook in the first place. This is what this post will answer for you.


More Than one Way to Run you Facebook Ads

I will start out by saying that there are many different ways that successful people are benefiting from using Facebook ads. This post will share a good solid foundation from which you can experiment and grow from. My hope is that you see this as a good stepping point from which to begin.  Also, set the ground work to allow you to find your own specific model that works best for you. To use a sports analogy, in basketball you know that the goal of the game is to score by getting the ball into the hoop. To do that, some players drive it in the center, some like to take a side shot and others are better at three pointers. This is no different. Be open to experimentation, tweaking, and trying out different strategies. This is part of your path to success. With that understanding of being open to find your own sweet spot, there are some key fundamentals to keep in mind.


Use Your Facebook Ads to Sell Your Product

In order to capitalize on the power of the Facebook advertisement, you should have something to sell that ideally, they can purchase as a download, a video course or member site. Products like these are very powerful in that they can be scaled up easily. Yes, you can do well selling physical products. When doing so keep in mind that with physical products, as your business grows, so does the complexity of order processing and delivery.

Keep in mind that as soon as possible, you want your advertisement paid for by your audience. This may seem obvious on the surface but there are many businesses who are paying to gain market visibility for their small business without asking for a sale. Leverage the added exposure with an available offer.


Test New Possibilities

If you are not making a profit as a result of your Facebook ad but, your advertising is being paid for by a small percentage of visitors, you are in a great place. Why is that? Because now you have created a system of free exposure for your business. Also, now you can work on trying different offers to see what your market is interested in purchasing. In other word, you are not making a profit from the ad but you are generating new visitors to your site. This will provide you with the audience you need to experiment with selling different types products that they may be interested in. You can even provide them with a survey and ask them what their particular problem or obstacle is. You can then use this information to create products around this solution. Make use of the power of crowd-sourcing to expand your business!


Hire Someone to Design your Facebook Ad Graphic

Your time is valuable. As the business owner, you need to be wise in your use of time. Your time is better leveraged in creating the ideas and writing the message that you want to leave your customers with and incorporate into your Facebook Ads. If you can come up with a great message, you can always hire someone to design a great advertisement for a small price. If you keep it simple which you should, you can have an effective ad created for anywhere between $20 and $50 at Fiverr. Doing it this way will free you up to be the idea person. Why should you do this? You know your business better than anyone else. You should be familiar with what type of message you want to leave the public with. If you are unclear about this, before advertising, you should spend time becoming clear on what that message is.

Own Your Message

Own your business and own your message. Let your business be an extension of who you are and what you believe. Doing this is the most powerful way for you to differentiate yourself and show that you have real value to give. Do not compete just on price. When you do that, you commoditize your services and you place yourself on a race to the bottom with your competitors.


Ask customers to take action

As I mentioned there are people using Facebook ads to advertise their site and just get the word out. You can definitely make use of a Facebook ad to get the word out and let people know who you are. As a business person in addition to getting the word out, you should ask yourself, “what can I do to send my target market to perform an action?” The action can be to purchase an item for sale, obtain a free gift, take a survey and in all cases, provide you with their email. Ideally you should have more than one of these available as an action for them to take. This is what we call engagement. We don’t want passive observers who see an ad and just go somewhere else, we want interaction. As a result of that interaction, we want to leave them feeling like they got something of value in return for their time. Think of how you can deliver value as a result of the action that they take.


What Action Should Your Facebook Ad Trigger?

For example, if you have a carpet store and you are using Facebook ads to get exposure in your area, have your ad take them to a page in your site that does the following;

  • Takes them to your own site.
  • Shares your story.
  • Provides tips on something. This establishes credibility.
  • Tells why your service is superior. Don’t compete just on price, share additional value that you bring.
  • Asks for their email and contact information.
  • Possibly offer a free giveaway. This says that you care about providing a valuable experience.
  • Also, have a digital product for sale as an additional option. The small percentage of people who purchase this, might just pay for your whole ad budget.

This approach is more of an engaging connection when done correctly. The overall message in this approach is that you are giving first and you are providing free value up front. This is the formula to create loyalty. In keeping with the carpet store example, your ad is not just taking them to a static page that says, “Hi, this is ABC Carpet Store, we have the best prices!”


Powerful Facebook Ad Targeting

When it comes time to run your ad, you will have to select a few options to target the demographic group you are trying to reach.  Make good use of the geographic location you want your ad to run. This can be broad or you can drill down to a very specific location. You can target group demographics such as interests, behaviors or income. You can specify the time of day, how long you want your ad to run and what your daily budget will be. How well you make use of these settings will influence the quality of the responses you receive.


Unsure about Facebook Ad Targeting Options?

If you have doubt about some of those settings you can run two ads to see which ones perform the best. For instance, let’s say you don’t know if your audience will be more responsive during the day or the evening. You can run two identical ads, one during the evening and the other scheduled to run during the day. Since they are two separate ads, the data you receive from running the ads will capture specific information for each of the ads. If your cost per click is $.10, you can set a budget for $20 for each ad and see which one performs better. When you find out which ad is performing the best, you can discontinue the poorly performing ad and concentrate on the good one. If you do this for different settings over time, you can end up with a laser targeted high performing ad for your offer. In the industry, this is known as A/B testing.


Action Trumps Great Idea with No Action

The last thing I will leave you with is to remember to ship. As idea people and creative types, sometimes we have brilliant ideas that we fail to act on. As perfectionist, we need to figure out every aspect of what we want to do. Just get to the 80% and ship knowing that it is not perfect. Get it out there, take suggestions, offer money back guarantees. Learn from your mistakes, fail early and fail fast. Allow yourself to be open to learn to adapt and change quickly. As a small operation, this is the edge you have on the larger competition. Learn to be nimble and adapt quickly. With persistence, you will end up with a valuable, rock solid offer.

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