Use a Static Front Page for Your Online Business

If you are a blogger yourself or if you have read a few blogs, chances are you have seen the typical website with a blog as the front page. This design usually shows the latest blog at the top followed by older blog posts. This format works well for a typical blog where the goal is to share your topic with your readers. But what if you are interested in having an online business that sells digital products?

Yes, you can use this format to engage your readers and then offer your eBooks in a separate tab or in the sidebar. But first ask yourself one question,  if a visitor to your site did not know about you, would they have to read a couple of blog posts to find who you are or what your site is about? If that is the case, you have to consider that people will not invest the time to find out what you have to offer.  So what’s the answer?

You can leverage a static front page to share the elevator pitch of your website. Using this strategy will allow you to get crisp about your message and what you have to offer. This way you have a better chance of attracting your perfect target audience. How can you do this?

I recommend using a premium WordPress Theme and also a plug-in that will allow you to have the flexibility of designing the message and visual components of your front page. The plug-in type I am referring to is known as a Page Builder plug-in and there are a few different versions available. I prefer one called Page Builder by Site Origin. I like it because I can use it to allow me to make pages that are designed to sell an image or brand. I believe that most people can become familiar enough to make good use of this plug-in in a week or two.

If you want to drive sales by sharing your message in a crisp clear manner, try it out. If you have to, play with this plug-in on a website that you may have set up to try things out. This way, you won’t risk messing up a site that you care about. I came across a blog that did a great job reviewing a few similar type plug-ins that I provided the link to below. Check out the article, load one of the plug-ins and try it out.

In the next post, I will share which Site Origin widgets I recommend to create your static front page to reach your customers.



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