Want a Beautiful Life?

I came across a thought that people believe to varying degrees and some not at all. That is; that the quality of experiences, thoughts and ideas that I take into my mind on a regular basis, become what I believe to be true about the world. Two people who think differently live out a different reality.

The Beautiful Life: TBL

I am not saying that a human mind can bend reality like a low budget SciFi movie. I am saying that reality contains both bad and good, hope and hopelessness, joy and sadness, abundance and scarcity. How you feed your mind prepares you to take one path or another. You are choosing the filter, through which to see the world from.

Life is such that whatever you are becoming, is what you draw more of into your life. The people and circumstances which have qualities that you already possess will be drawn to you. Do you want a beautiful life? Then, become a beautiful person.


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