What Do You Give Your Attention To?

One of the biggest realizations that allowed me to move toward a life that I love is the knowledge that my circumstances change as I changed what I gave my attention to. There is a dynamic in life that you might see playing out. The thought is that whatever you focus your attention on continuously, changes you if it is a new thing. If what you focus on is already a familiar habit, then it just reinforces what you are.

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People oftentimes make the mistake of wanting to have their circumstances around them change without them changing what they focus on, what they think about, their daily habits or their friendships. These are all ways in which we focus on something new or something familiar that reinforces who we already are.

What is the quickest way to change your circumstances? Change what you give your attention to on a regular basis. Focus on thoughts and people that provide hope, understanding, compassion, love and nurture your mind and your spirit. You will see that doing this will transform your ability to see the world in a new way. This new perspective will reveal to you a new path that was there all along but which you were unable to see before. As you change yourself, the way you see the world changes. Doing this is the preparation which is necessary for you to step into a new possibility. I challenge you to embrace this with an open heart and try it. Have you seen this play out in your own life or in the life of someone you know?


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