Where Did You Start?

Road_vanishing_to_the_horizonToday’s post is a simple but powerful message. Where did you start in life? Did you start your path with wisdom, power, wealth, clarity and direction? Did you come into this world with a blueprint that you could copy to take you to a fabulous life? The truth is that few people if any, can say this.

What matters more in life is not where you start but where it is that you are going. Do not let a slow beginning define the person that you are. Realize that your choice in where to go from here is what matters most.

If your past is not the life that you want to be defined by, discard it, throw it away like an old shirt. Don’t listen to the voice of your old self, if you do, you my become trapped there. Create a vision that you feed and keep alive. Being persistent will bring you through your journey. Before you know it, you will realize that you are in this new life that you are in love with. You will look back and see how far you have come from that starting point. You will come to see that you have been defined not by your starting point, but by the journey that you took.