Without Struggle We Have No Progress

a-rock-climber-stands-on-a-mountain-bill-hatcherI was thinking about happiness the other day. What is it that causes people to be happy? Many different things cause people to feel happy and different people define happiness in different ways. One key component in people’s life which adds to our happiness is if we feel that we are making progress in life. For many of us a sense of accomplishment or progress give us a sense of happiness.

In order to make progress we need to be involved in a struggle of some type. Different people have different struggles, maybe the struggle is to loose 30lbs, to get a Masters Degree, start a business or start a new family. Many times it is in making progress in that struggle that we find a sense of joy and accomplishment.

Two things to keep in mind
• Embrace the struggle and work to meet the challenges. Expect to hit bumps on the road and realize that the joy comes from having faced and met that challenge. Too often people want to choose comfort at all cost which causes them to run and avoid facing the challenge. In so doing, they miss a great opportunity for true fulfillment.

• Life will always throw challenges your way and these present an opportunity to grow as a person. An additional sense of joy comes from having defined your own challenges and deciding to be clear and go after them. This has more meaning because as you make progress in this area you come to change and grow in a way that has more meaning for you.

While we do not want those struggles that are life and death, most of our struggles in life can be a blessing in disguise. Without them we may never reach for and climb the heights that provide the most magnificent views in our life.

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