Women in abusive relationships, remember these 5 things!

By Heal

Over time the bad becomes the norm

If you or someone you know live in a home with abuse, you probably know over time, the victim  becomes used to the way things are. In this situation, is easy to convince yourself that this is only temporary or that things are about to change.  Before you know it, life becomes this cycle of getting through until the next day.

Always remember these 5 things.

  1. You are worth more than that. You are a miracle of life, you are unique, you are special and deserved to be respected and appreciated for who you are!
  2. Your past does not define your future. You have the power to reinvent yourself. You were born with that ability and it’s one of the things that makes us human.
  3. There is power in your decision to change. You don’t have to know how you will do something before you decide to do it. When you decide that you will find a way, you are saying this is not good enough for you. You are saying you will figure it out. It is your commitment to change that will causes the answers to surface.
  4. Take back your mind. The abuser is a master manipulator. In an unhealthy relationship, the topics of the argument don’t matter.  The topics of the arguments are just smoke and mirrors and tools being used by the enemy. These tools cause confusion, guilt, doubt, regret, fear and a feeling of helplessness. See it for what it is. (More on this later).
  5. Feed your spirit in a healthy and positive way.  Look for the simple things that feed your soul. These things will allow you to find the peace in the middle of the storm and help you find your inner strength. Your inner strength will not surface in the middle of the noise of the drama. You have to get to that quiet place inside to find that peace and calm strength that is inside of you.

How to take back your mind.

We all have this inner dialog playing inside of our heads all of the time. It is like a tape or a program of thoughts and ideas. Abusers get control by becoming the program in your head. When they are gone, you are still playing the events of the past in your mind and this reinforces or impresses their ideas onto your mind. You have to find wonderful ideas and thoughts of others through reading books, quotes, stories of inspiration and beauty. Then, you replace the old inner dialog with these powerful and uplifting ideas. As you find stories that speak to your heart, make these your stories of inspiration and personal power. Remember that inner strength comes about as a result of the quality of ideas that live in our minds. Out of that courage is born and it in turn gives birth to action.

Feed your mind, nurture your soul, stir your heart and move into a better tomorrow for yourself. And, always remember to love yourself. You deserve it.

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