Your Life Path

lifepath-300x300In our modern society so much of what we do has to do with conformity. We conform to the norms of society and learn to fit in. It is what we do to become successful in life. Society at large works a collective intellect which has already determined what is worthy of being followed and emulated.

Your life’s Path unfolds as you become more deliberate about who you are and what ideas you hold to be of value. Knowing ahead of time, the principles that are important to you will move you in that direction. The alternative is to follow the masses who, all to often change from one idea to the next one which is currently in fashion. Living this way is a guarantee of having an unfulfilled life because you will always be playing catch up with the rest of the world who is always letting you know that you are still not good enough.

The quality of a well lived life reside more in universal truths which are contained in the concept of wisdom. God’s word is more concerned in this aspect of the human life. Choose a life Path that is based on timeless principles. Allow your individual gifts to come through the stability that God’s word provides.

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